Usta Çelik was founded


Automatic shutter systems production was started


It was passed to factory order from workshop


Electrostatic powder pain facility was established


TSE- Service place competence certification


I- TSEK production compliance certificate was taken

II- Industry and Trade Ministry Guarantee Certificate

III- Machine track was strengthen with 2 profile machines


I- The second factory with 3500 m2, started production in Niğde

II- Partnership agreement was signed with French engine manufacturer SİMU


I- Construction materials and steel mesh production was started

II- TSE certification in steel mesh

III- Machine track was strengthen with 3 profile machines.


I- It was entered into Middle East and Europe market with abroad exhibitions

II- In the test performed for fire resistance in England, resistance certificate was taken at the end of 3 hours

III- For the first time in Turkey, 3 hours fire resistant shutter production was started

IV- The third production facility was established in 1700 m2 area

V- For machine track engine shaft, it was strengthen with 2 CNC machines


USLU ÇELİK aiming customer satisfaction always for itself and providing guarantee and service assurance for its all goods that it produces and performs assembly,

Will continue its permanent services without compromising from its consistent and trustworthy structure that it aims for its future activity life.