USLU ÇELİK, that is growing day by day with its innovations and that brought a new approach to steel construction sector in 1986, has been an example for its competitors with its developed designs and started a new period in its sector. USLU ÇELİK, that focused on automatic shutter systems with an experienced staff since 1993, operates its works without leaving its prestige principle. USLU ÇELİK, that established static powder paint in 1999, demonstrated its difference from its competitors by starting to perform all types of processes within its body from profile production to electrostatic powder paint. It provides affordable price and the quickest service guarantee for its customer in addition to the highest quality products with its Partnership Agreement that it signed with SİMU which is the sector leader in the world in 2006.

It started fabrication in its production by gathering its all production units in its facility in 2.500 m2 area in November 2003. USLU ÇELİK, providing place for new machines together with fabrication in its production track, established its new model profile machine, micro perforation press and 8 meters powder paint oven with automatic conveyor.

USLU ÇELİK, to makes its services more productive that it guaranteed as stated above, initiated its second factory in 10.000 m2 area which its 3.500 m2 is closed space in Niğde Organized Industrial Zone. In that factory, also Steel Mesh, Ready Stirrup, Construction Irons, Fence Wire, Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire productions are performed for construction sector.

USLU ÇELİK, bringing materials that it produces all in its own facilities and quality together, provided various designs for its customers in Turkey and Europe in a short time.

USLU ÇELİK, focused on “Quality system” in the beginning of 2003 and received ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate as a result of audit performed in June 2003 by BVQI. In 2006, its ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate was renewed as a result of audit performed by TÜV. USLU ÇELİK, taking continuous improvement in its system and customer satisfaction principles into consideration, received TSE Service Place Competence Certificate on 28.01.2004. On 25.03.2005, it presented its Manufacturing Competence Certificate and Guarantee Certificate for use of its customers as it was considered worthy by Industry and Trade Ministry Protecting Customers and Competition Directorate General. In addition to these certificates, it started to publish its CE declaration for its products those passed through fire resistant shutter test report, wind resistance test and mechanic resistant test. As a result of this certification, both USLU ÇELİK presents an example for its competitors in the sector and its customers receive higher quality products and services.

Paying attention to model variety in its products, spare part stock, term to apply product to its customers and customer satisfaction are unique elements ensuring that USLU ÇELİK steps forward always comparing to its competitors.

USLU ÇELİK, giving guarantee and service assurance in its all goods that it perform their production and assembly by aiming customer satisfaction always, will continue to provide permanent services by not compromising from its trustworthy and steady structure that it will continue to consist.