Profiles those are used for heat insulated automatic steel shutter are produced by roll forming method and different profile types and thickness are used based on dimensions of shutter. For these type of shutters, filled aluminum, polyurethane filled steel and rockwool filled double layered steel profiles are used.

Heat insulation is used for workplaces, storages and markets where climate conditions are important.

Profiles those are produced specially based on measurements of customer, protect your places safely with its structure complying with all measurements and opening, safe and comfortable to use and durable against explosive and flammable substances.

Shutters are painted with electrostatic powder paint (oven-dyeing), you can choose colors of shutters amongst colors taking place in RAL catalog as per your request corporate identity.

Engines types those are used in automatic shutters, contain high capacity, they are quite and long lived. Engine type and power to be used are determined by specialist engineers to make them operational well for long years.

Assembly of shutters are performed by experienced assembly operators working in Uslu Çelik with great attention. All you have to do is to use them in a comfortable way.