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USLU ÇELİK, that is growing day by day with its innovations and that brought a new approach to steel construction sector in 1986, has been an example for its competitors with its developed designs and started a new period in its sector. USLU ÇELİK, that focused on automatic shutter systems with an experienced staff since 1993, operates its works without leaving its prestige principle. USLU ÇELİK, that established static powder paint in 1999, demonstrated its difference from its competitors by starting to perform all types of processes within its body from profile production to electrostatic powder paint. It provides affordable price and the quickest service guarantee for its customer in addition to the highest quality products with its Partnership Agreement that it signed with SİMU which is the sector leader in the world in 2006.

It started fabrication in its production by gathering its all production units in its facility in 2.500 m2 area in November 2003. USLU ÇELİK, providing place for new machines together with fabrication in its production track, established its new model profile machine, micro perforation press and 8 meters powder paint oven with automatic conveyor.


What is shutter?

Shutter and automatic shutter is a wing system that was made of sheet metal as it has been became widespread to use with the purpose of security of work places especially in recent years. Over years, various models have been developed. In fact, shutter is a door model. Shutter and shutter systems are applied on places need fire section, store doors and garage doors. Recently, frequently used shutter models are automatic shutter, engine shutter, remote control shutter, stainless shutter amongst especially preferred ones. Regarding automatic shutter, it is a model distinguished from other shutter systems in terms of its price as the ones used at homes especially in recent years. For this reason, automatic shutter is preferred primarily for security reasons. Automatic shutter has been more frequently preferred for its safer system mechanism and for easy usage in recent years. Prices of automatic shutters are different that other shutter systems. Automatic shutter has been primarily preferred by merchants and big companies in addition to homes. Our company provides maintenance and repairs for 7/24 for automatic shutter systems. In addition to that, engine shutter is preferred with its remote control shutter and stainless shutter varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usta Çelik Shutter Systems applied for CE certificate on 20.06.2011 to international accredited test laboratory and following 3 months of tests, our products deserved the be marked as CE certificated ones.
It is a metal curtain going up and down in guides those are in horizontal position with engine power. Automatic shutter protecting not allowed entrances to areas where you will take into secure, are operated based on command that you will give with remote control or with a hand button. It has steel sheet, aluminum, iron and grill shape models. Due to the fact that limit points are determined on engine, at the end of opening-closing, it stops at a distance adjusted automatically.
It can be applied on all types of openings desired to close. It is enough to have bases were it will be support from both sides. It is required not to have any obstacle in interval where shutter will operate in horizontal position in its action areas (such as crane spring, water/natural gas pipe, cable tray).
Shutter assembly should be performed by a specialist team. It is required that to affix system in balance within its tolerance limits determined in system, to support it durable on its application site, to perform electricity and control system connection with qualified persons and to ensure it will have consistency in terms of durability, security and aesthetic perspective.


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